Low Triglycerides

Contrary to what one may think, it is certainly not healthy to have very low triglycerides. This condition is described when triglyceride levels drop below 10 mg/dl. However, triglyceride levels below 35mg/dl can be risky depending on the overall health condition of the person. Triglycerides should always be at optimum levels in order that their functions be performed at the  optimum. Know what can cause triglyceride levels to drop and what complications can arise as a result of low triglyceride levels.

Causes of Low Triglyceride Levels

1)      Malnutrition.

2)      Diet low in fats.

3)   Malabsorption Syndrome. Though the diet may be nutritious, there is poor absorption of the nutrients in the digestive tract. This  is due to the alteration in the ability of the intestine to absorb nutrients into the blood stream.

4)      Hyperthyroidism. In hyperthroidism, due to the over active throid gland, there is excessive production of T3 and T4 hormones and consequently metabolism rate is high

5)      Certain drugs like fish oil, statins, nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid and clofibrate.

6)      AIDS.

7)      Cancer.

8)      Chronic liver disease.

9)      After radiation therapy for cancer.

Symptoms of Low Triglycerides

Having Low Triglycerides will not produce symptoms by itself. It is the complications of low triglyceride levels that may produce symptoms. Low triglyceride levels are usually detected after a person undergoes a blood test for triglycerides.

Complications and  Dangers of Low Triglycerides

  • Low triglyceride levels will result in poor absorption of fat soluble vitamins resulting poor nutrition.
  • As triglycerides are responsible for extra energy when required, low triglycerides will cause insufficient calories and poor energy output.

Treatment of Low Triglycerides

Treatment of low triglycerides involves treatment of the underlying cause of low triglycerides. For example, a wrong diet which is very low in fats must be corrected and balanced out.  Similarly, hyperthyroidism needs to be treated with medicines or if any ongoing treatment has caused low triglycerides, then these medicines need to be changed.

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