Drink Water When You Wake Up

Why drink water in the morning when you wake up - Nothing like a glass of water when you wake up. The advantages and benefits of drinking water on empty stomach are good enough to carry you through the day in good spirits. Once, you cultivate this habit, the first thing you crave for after you wake up are those couple of glasses of drinking water. And the medical fraternity and all those experts don’t advise you to do this for nothing ! Those powerful reasons are given below.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water in The Morning When You Wake Up

Besides the 14 Benefits of Drinking Water, here are the reasons why you should drink water in the morning when you wake up and are on an empty stomach – advantages and benefits.

1) When you get up in the morning, your stomach is empty. There are four aspects to this:

  • Empty stomach means the gastric juice of your stomach which contains gastric acid (it is Hcl) is in direct contact with the inner lining of the stomach. People who are more prone to acidity or acid reflux will have this condition aggravated. Drinking say 2 to 3 glasses will dilute the gastric acid.
  • Drinking water (or anything for that matter) will stimulate your gastro intestinal reflex allowing proper evacuation of the bowels.
  • Thirdly, we drink tea or coffee in the morning. These beverages contain caffeine which has a diuretic action.( meaning more urination). Drinking water as soon as you wake up will prevent any dehydration.
  • Last but definitely not the least:- You have been in bed for say 7 to 8 hours and without having drunk any water. But your kidneys have been functioning and have been filtering out the impurities from the blood. Drinking those 2 to 3 glasses as soon as you wake up will help to get rid of these impurities and toxins through the urine.
  • When you wake up, drink water that is at room temperature or better still,  lukewarm. Avoid drinking very cold water from the fridge in the morning.

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Besides these early morning benefits of drinking water, know what other benefits of drinking water are. Drink Water – adequate quantity of it. It will only benefit you.

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