Clover Honey and its Benefits

Clover honey is honey made by bees which have fed on the nectar of the clover flowers. Clover plants are found primarily in New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. and these are the countries, where the bulk of clover honey is produced. Clover honey that is harvested in late spring and summer is the best.

Types of  Clover Honey

Clover Honey is available as

  • Pure clover honey which is almost difficult to find because the bees may not feed on the clover flowers exclusively as they travel almost 4 miles in a day from their hives to feed on flowers.
  • Raw clover honey which is not processed, and
  • Processed clover honey which has undergone the process of pasteurization for eradicating any bacteria in the honey, heating and filtering to remove any suspended particles in honey such as pollen or bee parts.  Processing of honey alters the taste of clover honey and removes most of the nutrition from the honey. Honey and its composition explains the nutritional ingredients in honey.

Benefits of Clover Honey

Reading benefits of honey will educate you on the 10 health benefits, honey can give you and also the various natural remedies it is used in. Besides having the benefits mentioned in the above link, clover honey benefits over the other types of honey in its appealing color, taste and aroma. This shall be its benefit over other types of honey when comparing clover honey versus regular honey.

Appearance of Clover Honey

As compared to manuka honey which is very dark in color, color of clover honey ranges from white to light amber. White clover honey is preferred by some mainly because of its color.

Picture showing appearance of clover honey.

clover honey

Taste of Clover Honey

Clover honey has a typical taste and aroma which is described as floral. You can almost smell the clover flower when you taste clover honey. It is for this reason that clover honey is exclusively asked for by the customers.

About the Clover Plant

The Clover Plant is a creeper and besides giving you clover honey, it does have certain environmental benefits.

  • When planted on the river banks, it prevents soil erosion due to its deep root structure which holds the soil together.
  • It has a natural ability to fix nitrogen in the soil, which increases the fertility of the soil.
  • Clover plants are also used as fodder for cattle.
  • Clover flowers come in shades of white or pink and dark pink and add a beautiful contribution to the area.

Picture of clover plant

clover plant

Summary for Clover honey

Clover honey does have an appealing color and taste and it is advised to go in for raw clover honey to get the maximum benefits. Organic Clover Honey is honey that is obtained from the nectar of clover plants which have been grown organically and not contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics that are usually sprayed on plants.

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