Why Get The Flu Shot Every Year

Getting the flu shot every year is the most effective way to protect yourself against flu or influenza.

There are convincing reasons and benefits for getting the flu shot or the influenza vaccine. Read these facts about flu which will tell you about the flu statistics about how many people get infected, how many get hospitalized and how many die from its complications. These are enough reasons to convince you to get vaccinated every year.

Flu strikes every year and the victims do have a rather miserable time with its symptoms during the time of the illness. Some, especially the young and healthy adults may have mild symptoms, but even then these flu symptoms  are enough to make the patient stay at home and away from school or work.

The elderly with a not so efficient immune system suffer more and are at a higher risk of developing flu complications which may require hospitalization.

Do read flu risk factors to learn if you are at a greater risk of getting the flu. Who should get the flu vaccination also explains who should and who should not get the flu vaccine

The flu pandemics have affected millions across countries and thousands have died from flu complications. The most recent flu pandemic of 2009-2010 which was caused by a new strain of the flu virus (H1N1 or the swine flu) spread worldwide and killed 12000 people most of who were below 65 years of age.

Getting the whole family vaccinated also protects your family members because a case of flu in the household can be a potential reason for the flu to spread among the family because the flu virus spreads through air and is very contagious. You save your family members from the misery which flu causes.

Do read how flu spreads to know how vulnerable you are when someone in close contact gets the flu.

Children are more vulnerable to getting flu because of the intermingling of children in school and preschool. A single child with flu can act as a potential threat to other children. If your child is vaccinated, he or she stands a better chance of being protected against this threat.

Why Every Year

There are three types of flu viruses: Influenza virus A, Influenza virus B and Influenza virus C. All these types of viruses mutate or change their form or properties making the previously used flu vaccine ineffective against them. A new flu vaccine therefore has to be manufactured every year which can be effective against the prevalent strain.

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